Community Games events are supported by our group of enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers.  Our volunteers give up their time make sure the day is as enjoyable as possible. From setting up the event, welcoming visitors, taking part in activities and handing out medals – our volunteers are there to ensure you are able to soak up every second of fun on the day.

‘From set up to put down the team we have only one goal and that is to make it a success. We all know what needs to be done and the comradeship between us is second to none. The friendship we have between us all stems from our love of doing the Community Games………. The stories of achievements we hear for all that they have achieved makes me glow with pride for bring part of it.’
Chris – Community Games Volunteer


We are always eager to engage with local secondary schools or colleges in order to help provide opportunities for students to engage with their local community and experience volunteering at community level.  For more information about providing opportunities for your students volunteering within their local community  [email protected].